Behind the scenes - super-mum model Nikki

Model and Mummy Nikki has just partnered with us to bring to life our latest upcoming collections: Urban Gypsy and Queen of Everything. Like many working Mums, Nikki is incredibly busy balancing 'work life' vs. 'Mum life' and she was incredible to work with whilst also fixing our baby fever by bringing her daughter Amani onset who was an absolute doll.  We caught up with Nikki to discuss how she balances motherhood and working.

As a brand, we are passionate about being for women of all ages with the goal to make them all feel beautiful. Our experience working with Nikki was one that we felt strongly about sharing as she is the epitome of the modern busy woman. She was multitasking the whole way through shoot and was just a gorgeous and very 'real' woman.


Q. What’s been your best experience of modelling so far?

Travelling out of town and meeting new people.


Q. How do you manage to find a healthy balance between work and home life?

I am a recipe developer/chef. I’m on maternity leave at the moment, but will be returning to work in 2019.


Q. What do you love most about being a mum?

I love waking up to morning cuddles and the unconditional love babies bring. I actually love everything about being a mum.


Q. What advice would you give to mums out there struggling with the work/life balance?

To really take some time out for yourself. Whether it be going for a walk, or even siting down to a glass of wine with a good book.


Q. Being a mum is hard work, what’s your ideal ‘treat yourself’ moment? 

Definitely going for a massage.


Q. International model, and mother -how have your career priorities changed over the years?

I probably don’t take myself as seriously as I use to.


Q. What’s the best piece of life advice you’ve ever received and who was it from? 

“Always be grateful. Otherwise it may be taken away from you”  My wax lady in Sydney.


Q. Who’s your fashion muse? 

Helena Christianson.


Q. Any goals for 2019? 

To work less and spend more time with my new baby girl.  To stay fit and healthy and be the best I can be.


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