How To: Audit Your Wardrobe

A closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. Sound familiar?

Making a decision on what to wear everyday can be stressful and at times completely overwhelming. Most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. Do you find yourself asking: “Does this still fit? Is this a good colour for me?”

If so, it's time to audit your wardrobe. Follow our easy instructions below to free up space in your wardrobe and fall in love with your clothes all over again!

1. Treat yourself to brand new hangers!

2. Pull out your entire wardrobe (and any clothing you have packed away) and sort them into two piles:

  • 1A. Clothes you love and wear regularly (approx 20% of wardrobe)
  • 1B. Clothes you hardly ever wear (approx 80% of wardrobe)

Then organize the above two piles into the following four categories:

  • 2A. Dry cleaning
  • 2B. Mending /Alteration
  • 2C. Throw out
  • 2D. Pack away


3. Start with pile 1A - The love pile: 

Check each garment for dry cleaning and mending, if either is needed put the item into the correct category as above. If no dry cleaning or mending is required, put the garment onto one of your brand new matching hangers. Now you can set up from this point.

4. Now sort pile 1B - The hardly ever wear pile:

Firstly, be strong! Go through the pile leaving emotions and memories out of it. Items that no longer fit, are damaged, aged, pilling, or no longer suit your lifestyle or how you now like to dress, need to go in the throw out pile.

5. Next step, is to put on every piece of clothing that is now left. Look carefully at yourself in front of a full length mirror. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide what category these garments belong in:

  • How do I look and feel?

  • What do I need in my wardrobe to be able to wear this more?

  • Does it need a slight adjustment to fit better?

  • Is the cost of the adjustment worth the benefit?

    As you start answering these questions place the garments in one of the four main categories described above in 2.

6. Place piles 2A. 2B. and 2C. into large bags and place them in your car immediately so that you deal with them right away.

7. Place pile 2D - the pack away pile, in vacuum bags, taking up as little space as possible. Then place in an attic, garage or at the top of a wardrobe.

8. You are now officially ready for the season ahead! Remember that this is an on going process. Don’t expect to get it right the first time, you will get better and better at this process the more you do it. If you get to the end of this process and you are feeling very disheartened with your wardrobe, please contact one of our trained stylists to book yourself a one-on-one styling session.


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