How To Shop a Sale

It’s that time again….. the time that makes the heart of many women race, red tags start dangling on garments, and bold red signage start appearing in shop windows... It’s SALE season!

Great prices can tempt us, and we may buy clothing that isn't quite right just because of the sales price, or some of us may feel overwhelmed and avoid a sale completely. Whichever the case, we wanted to break down how to shop a sale so you can navigate any sale with confidence. 



If you are in love with a garment that you know will work hard for you in your wardrobe don’t wait for it to go on sale. Think about the cost per wear of any wardrobe hero by simply dividing its cost by the number of times you will wear it. In the case of a timeless blazer, a beautiful classic top, a white sneaker, or a black boot you will find that the cost per wear would probably be in cents, not dollars. Let’s be honest these great hero’s probably won’t ever go on sale anyway, and if they occasionally do they are often in very broken sizes. So don’t wait and don’t deprive yourself of a wardrobe hero that you love, if you know it will last and you'll thrash it then you deserve it!



Always ask yourself the question when buying a sale item – would I pay full price for this if it wasn’t on sale? If the answer is ‘No’ you should think twice before buying it. Are you simply buying it because of its price? Are you able to combine it with pieces from your existing wardrobe?

Sale time is an amazing opportunity to purchase directional fashion pieces that you always wanted to try, like a specific colour, print, or style that is new for you.  It’s a great time to invest in a cool fashion trend that you are drawn to but not 100% sure of. If that’s the case, GO FOR IT and take advantage of the new price tag. If you don’t end up wearing it a lot then its not going to hurt as much. But remember to always ask yourself 'would I have paid for it at full price?' and this should indicate how much you truly love the item.



Never buy a sale piece if you don’t know how to wear it. A great piece in any wardrobe can be worn at least three different ways. Think about what you have in your wardrobe at home and how you would wear it with some of your existing wardrobe items.  If you’re not sure then ask for help. Our store stylists are always there for you, to help you make the most of your purchases. You may find that you are missing one or two key pieces in your wardrobe that would make this sale piece work hard for you, such as a white sneaker, a classic white shirt, or a high waisted black pant that can be dressed up or down. If you can wear a sale piece in three different ways then you are getting a bargain as this piece will work hard for you in your wardrobe.



It's important to regularly review and audit your wardrobe and keep a rolling shopping list of key essentials and fashion trends/looks you would like to try.  Keep a “fashion must-haves” note on your phone so it's with you all the time. At the very least have a really good look at your wardrobe before you head out the door to shop a sale, so you can shop with purpose and clarity and not head home with lots of wardrobe double-ups or wardrobe orphans. The goal is to only take home what you need and what makes your heart sing.



Plan a little shopping itinerary. It's important to avoid the stores that are not your style and taste at full price.  It can be tempting to still pop into stores that you wouldn't usually shop at, just because you might find a great bargain.  Be strong, it will just be a waste of your precious time and won’t result in you achieving your shopping or personal style goals. Stick to the stores and brands you love.



Always buy garments that fit you well and are your size at present. Never compromise on fit or size for the price tag. This piece will only become a wardrobe orphan and worse yet remind you of the weight you haven’t lost,  which is not being kind to yourself.



Sale time is an amazing opportunity to buy into brands and designers that you may not ordinarily be able to afford. It’s also a great time to buy more expensive items like coats, knitwear, swimwear, and lingerie. The discount in dollars on these pieces can be quite substantial. So don’t delay, grab that designer piece you’ve been drooling over forever!



Never shop when you are sad, stressed, or angry. All of these emotions might lead you to purchase items that could lead to shopping regrets. Only ever go sale shopping when you are relaxed and in the mood, so that you purchase consciously according to your actual wardrobe needs and gaps.  By the way, this includes feeling hungry and thirsty. No one should go on a shopping mission without having eaten or being dehydrated. Tip: take a small water bottle with you on your shopping trip as hydration is key to so many things. We all know that.



We only recommend this for minor faults of course. Look at it from a sustainable perspective. If you can fix a minor fault yourself with a quick wash or 5-minute sewing session, go for it, it can pay off in dollar savings.



Always be aware of the returns policy for sale items as its often different than purchasing full-priced items. In many cases, you can't get your money back - but store credits and exchanges are accepted. Before purchasing make sure to have asked the staff in-store or have read the small print when shopping online.


All in all, the sale season is an exciting time, so go hit the shops and have fun! Just constantly remind yourself while you’re making your way through sale fashion wonderland, that you want to create a cohesive and harmonious wardrobe that works for you with the goal of everyday dressings success.  Don’t let the red tags completely blind you.

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