April ~ Letter from the designer


This month see’s the continuation of strong, confident collections that shout “Girl Power”

It is hard not to be influenced by the many powerful women whose voices are being heard across boardrooms, social media, TV, the film industry, the fashion industry and ultimately on the streets. Women are speaking up for each other and themselves, I am personally so inspired by their courage and passion. As a mother of a beautiful daughter, I want to see changes that empower women to be all that they can be, where women are respected and have the same opportunities and rights as men.  A world where women can feel safe…… a world where my daughter can thrive.


These are exciting times we are living in, the energy of this collective voice is growing and gaining momentum. Being courageous and brave and finding our voices simply starts with each of us believing in ourselves and living our most confident lives. We do this by honouring and respecting ourselves and one another, encouraging each other to be our best most incredible selves and by being strong, passionate role models.


The two collections for this month “No Man’s Land” and “Dark Star” were inspired by the words of one of my favourite heroines, Maya Angelou.  Her poem “Today I Rise” gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.


These beautiful, raw and haunting words serve to remind us of the strength we have inside of us – especially at the times, we feel our weakest.

Lee xx


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