Story By Repertoire

Story by Repertoire (affectionately known as Story)  is a new label designed in New Zealand by the Repertoire team and produced all around the globe. Story is our way of bringing you exciting products that we cannot source or produce in New Zealand, like yummy leather jackets. It is also to help us secure additional production space to ensure we can meet the demands of our customers amidst the shrinking manufacturing base in New Zealand.

Repertoire and Repertoire Lounge will still remain the core focus of our business and you can continue to rely on two new collections every month - both of which we will continue to design and make right here in New Zealand.

As a complementary label to Repertoire and Repertoire Lounge, all Story pieces have been carefully designed as must-have pieces for the current season. We will endeavour to keep good quantities available in all sizes and we will strive to maintain competitive price points on them. We have worked very hard to ensure Story is produced in ethical factories that care for their people in the same way in which we care for our people here in New Zealand. We are working diligently to ensure that the same love and passion goes into all Story garments and that the quality is what you have come to expect from us.

 We have chosen the name Story because, as it is with life, we have to creatively adapt to the challenges and situations we are faced with by making the most of the opportunities in our path: we make them a part of our unique story.


We feel it is really important that our customers fully understand the origin of their garment so introducing a separate label for any product not produced in New Zealand seemed like the best solution.


We hope that you will enjoy Story by Repertoire as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Thank you for supporting us in this new chapter of our journey.





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