The design process


I wanted to share a little of what goes into the collections I create for Repertoire and the beautiful and confident women who endorse them. The design process is never a straight line, it is about always staying open to change and to have a curious and adventurous spirit.  I am a collector of ideas and a lover of beautiful things. These eclectic bits and pieces of inspiration travel around with me until I know exactly what to do with them.


Listening to the needs and frustrations of the many incredible women around me helps to keep my design grounded, ensuring that the new and exciting is always balanced with the importance of practical magic. Each season I will look at international fashion trends and street style, discerning which of these I feel will gel with the Repertoire women’s lifestyle. I then break these trends down to pieces and looks that will have longevity and will earn their keep in a wardrobe that works hard to make you look and feel great.


I look for prints or designs to tie a collection together and will always hunt for special and precious fabrics that are a little unexpected to pop the collection. I design collections that not only work together within the new story but that also go back with Repertoire pieces that have been around for many seasons.


My goal is to ensure that Repertoire pieces always have an edge, like a styling detail, a fabulous fabric or an unusual colour. It isn't unusual for women to go up to one another and say….”I love what your wearing…is it Repertoire?” which for us is the ultimate compliment.


When it comes to the pattern making of Repertoire pieces we work hard at perfecting the fit to ensure that our pieces are body sympathetic. A few millimetres on a seam allowance makes a huge difference to the drape and movement of a piece. I personally fit every single piece to make sure that the comfort factor is there.


My grandmother was a very talented couturier, I learned the essence of design at her side. She taught me the little things you will never learn at design school and I am forever grateful for her incredible wisdom. Her most important advice to me, which I follow to this day, was that good design is always about quality, what you subtract not what you add and that it should never overshadow the woman wearing it.

 Lee xx

repertoire design room


repertoire design process


repertoire design process


repertoire design room

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